Inspired Audiences

Anecdotal evidence reveals that people routinely access and share inspirational messages through media. To date, though, no comprehensive survey of this population exists. Therefore, in conjunction with the nationally acclaimed Public Religion Policy Institute (PRRI), we have developed and are conducting three nationally representative panel survey of inspirational media use. The sample will be drawn from the AmeriSpeak panel at NORC at the Universty of Chicago. Through the survey we will seek to better understand:

  • Who is most likely to seek out and share inspiring media messages?
  • What are the motivations for seeking out and benefits of consuming such content?, and
  • What viewer and content characteristics best predict the experience of self-transcendence and inspiration with media?

The first wave of the survey (18-minute benchmark; n = 3,006) was conducted in January and February 2016), with the second wave (15-minute follow-up; n = 2,000) scheduled for November and December 2016. We are planning a national release of the results in January 2017. The final wave of the survey (15-minute follow-up; n = 1,500) is scheduled for November and December 2017.